We’re often complimented about how our fleet looks – we take as much pride in our well-presented trucks and equipment as we do in our work. Because JCL Asphalt has its own workshop and team of qualified mechanics, all our vehicles and plant are always safe, well-maintained and in excellent working condition. Our gear is well-maintained – on the inside and the outside.

What’s more, we own it – this ensures there are no delays to contracts and projects while we wait for equipment from a hire company. And, because we undertake such a wide range of projects, the size and specialisation of our fleet reflects this. We own multiple excavators, graders and Vogele pavers to ensure we have the right equipment for any job.

  • Our small paver is perfect for small footpaths and can paver-lay both basecourse and asphalt.
  • We have a mid-sized paver, which we use extensively for carparks and driveways.
  • Our large paver, fitted with a specialised extension arm, can pave 7.5m widths in a single sweep. It’s ideal for large jobs and also minimises the number of joins.
  • We have a purpose-built HPMV truck and trailer which can deliver 32 tonnes of asphalt per delivery (and keep it warm).

Our fleet also includes;

The ‘ultimate’ in asphalt rolling capability – a Sakai GW750 vibrating, pneumatic tyre roller which achieves optimum asphalt compaction and perfect results, every time.

From surfacing on hilly slopes with difficult access; to delivering subdivision-standard asphalt for large residential developments; or chip sealed access ways for lifestyle blocks – regardless of the size or complexity of project, we always have the right gear for the job.